Want To Know Everything About Loans In The Netherlands? Make Sure To Look Out For Loans With BKR

Want to know more about geld lenen met bkr? Lees hier everything about borrowing money if you have a BKR registration. If you want to take out a loan or mortgage with us, we will first assess whether you can pay for it. We will look at this, among other things:

  • What you earn, what your fixed monthly payments are (e.g. rent or insurance)
    whether you have a registration with the BKR
  • A BKR registration can play a role in that decision. For example, in the following situations:
  • If we see from your negative BKR registration(s) that you have not been able to pay your bills or rent in recent years
    if we see from your positive BKR registration(s) that you already have a number of loans or credits

Are There Any Loans That Have Not Been Paid Yet

Have you repaid your loan or credit, or have you repaid your arrears in full? If so, we will report this to the BKR. The credit details will then remain in the system for another five years. In that case, however, there will be an end date or a recovery code with your registration. A new lender can see that the loan has already been terminated or that you have paid the arrears.

All providers of credit (such as banks) are required by law to report new loans and credits to the BKR. There are five exceptions:

A credit or loan of less than € 250

For example, if you have taken out a personal loan of € 250. Or if you can put a maximum of € 250 in the red on your payment account. Please note: the important thing is how much you can take or take in red. It’s not about how much you’re in the red or how much you’ve withdrawn.

A loan for less than one month

Like a credit card where at the end of each month you repay the amount you have withdrawn in full.

A study debt with DUO

A study debt with DUO is not registered with the BKR. Do you take out a loan for a study with another provider? If so, this will be reported to the BKR.

A mortgage for your home

An owner-occupied home debt (a mortgage for the house where you live) is not registered with the BKR. However, you will receive a negative registration with the BKR if you have not yet paid an amount of three months or more.

A loan from friends, family or acquaintances

Private loans (loans with friends, family or acquaintances) are not registered with the BKR.

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