Simyo has some interesting advantages for the most Sim Only users, but what is this special proposition for December?

Advantage sim only provider Simyo has a new data bundle. The 8 GB data bundle is accompanied by some interesting price reductions of the lower bundles. As of today, new and existing customers can make use of the new offer.

  • In the past, Simyo customers could choose from different bundles up to 4 GB. From now on, large data users can also contact the budget sim only provider. The highest bundle has doubled, 8 GB. In addition, the data bundles of 2 GB and 4 GB are now even more attractively priced.

New 8 GB data bundle Simyo

The advantage provider Simyo uses KPN’s premium network. As of today, the sim only provider offers even more bundles. The highest data subscription gives 8 GB of data and is available from 22 euros. The budget sim only provider offers these bundles for free via the fast 4G network. In addition to the new 8 GB data bundle, the 2 GB data bundle and 4 GB data bundle have been reduced in price. Would you like to make unlimited calls via Simyo? If so, you can start using Simyo at a lower price today.

Attractive offer

Simyo offers you a choice of 100, 300 or unlimited call/sms bundles. The bundles cost 6 euro, 7 euro or 11 euro respectively. In addition, there is a choice of four clear data bundles. Sim only subscribers can choose from 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB and the new 8 GB bundle. These bundles cost 7 euro, 9 euro, 12 euro and 16 euro. Are you someone who often sends text messages? For 1 euro a month, you can now go ahead unlimited.

Simyo cheaper

The budget provider has a clear telecom offer. As of today, the bundles with 2 GB of data have become cheaper. The 2 GB data bundle is one euro cheaper and already available from 16 euro with 100 min/sms. If you choose for the 4 GB data bundle, you will be three euros cheaper from today. This bundle is available from 18 euro instead of 21 euro.

  • The new prices apply to new customers and the current sim only subscribers. Current subscribers get the lower rates when they change their bundle via the My Simyo app or My Simyo. If you are satisfied with the bundle, you don’t have to do anything and the rates remain unchanged. Selecting a new bundle combination is free of charge and the provider indicates that you can keep the same bundle formats.

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