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Is there any credit check required to avail a loan?
The lenders may perform a credit check on your application so please be sure that you are in a position to pay back the amount that you apply for.

Is there any Application Fee?
No, we won’t charge any amount for using our application form. Some lenders charge a membership fee or an arranger fee so please check the terms and conditions before you agree to taking the loan offer.

Is my transaction and application safe, secure and confidential?
Yes, your details are confidential, this means your information is safe, secure and private.

What if I pay off my loan early?
Every lender has their own different policies regarding early repayment of loans. Generally, the lenders who accept early repayment provides a rebate on outstanding interest. So you are advised to read their terms and conditions before confirming the loan.



How do I repay my loan?
Repayment is a simple and hassle free process. The lender will deduct your agreed loan payments from your bank account as per your pre-agreed payment schedule.

What is APR?
The rules and regulations that govern companies like ours state that we must show you the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). APR’s are calculated based on paying a fixed amount of interest annually. Payday loans are normally taken over a maximum term of 31 days so APR’s are not the best way to measure how competitive our rates are.

Diving further in the depth of APR, there’s two types of APR:

• Your Personal APR
• Representative APR

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