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Finding Tree Removal Services in Logan Brisbane

Just Love Trees has been offering tree services in south east Queensland since 1990. Anyone searching for tree removal services in Logan Brisbane will have surely heard of us

We are able to remove any trees and palms in any location and we understand that the tree work should be done with the minimum of disruption to the surrounding environment and garden.

Our reputation for quality and professional workmanship is why we are sought after to carry out palm tree removals.


We Remove all Types of Trees

From native Australian species such as eucalyptus to Lilli Pilli, to any number of introduced species such as palm trees we remove them all including:

Cocas Palms
Alexander Palms
Cotton Palms
Cuban Royal Palms
Bangalow Palms
Golden Canes
Triangle Palms
Washington Palms
Foxtail Palms
Bamboo Palms
Canary Island Date Palms
Chinese Fan Palms
Fishtale palms
Kentia Palms
Majestic Palm
And more types of palm trees

We mulch all of our palm tree removals and offer you, the client, the opportunity to have the palm tree mulch for use back on to your gardens for weed prevention, weed control and to minimise moisture loss from your garden

We can come and inspect your palm trees and give you a free written quotation for the palm tree removal.

We also have the best stump grinding service available in Australia, we have a range of different size machines capable of grinding any stump in any location

Regeneration and Tree Planting after Removing Dangerous Trees

Many tree removal companies in Brisbane QLD will offer advice on the best tree species to plant when looking to regenerate an area where a tree was removed. Often times it is not a good idea to plant large species again as it may cause hazardous vegetation condition in the future and create issues with shade.

Brisbane Palm Tree Removal

Depending on the location of the palm tree to be removed will depend upon what options can be taken for the palm tree removal process. It could be felled whole or lopped into small manageable pieces.

Tree Felling

In open areas and where space prevails, palm trees can be felled using directional cuts and pull ropes, Skilled tree care professionals such as Eden Trees Arboriculture Services, can cut a scarf (v cut) into the trunk giving a definite direction for the palm tree to fall, and with a second person pulling on the rope to give assistance, The tree care operator then makes a back cut into the trunk until the palm tree moves in the direction of the fall path, The rope person then pulls the rope enough for gravity to take over and do its job.

Tree Lopping

If the palm trees to be removed are located in a confined space, they may require climbing and dismantling in small sections, the tree care professional uses tree spikes, a harness, and ropes to climb the palm tree. The first parts to be removed are the palm fronds, depending on the space available, the leaves are lowered down or thrown into a clear area, or they could be stacked in a suitable spot to act as a cushion for the section of head and trunk to be dropped into. The leaves or fronds are cut close to the butts in order to lessen the weight of the crown.

Once all the Palm Fronds (leaves) are removed, the next section to be cut is the crown, or head of the palm tree. Depending on the type of palm tree to be removed, will dictate how the trunk can be cut into sections, with minimum space, the trunk may have to be lowered with ropes and pulleys in small sections so there is minimum disruption to surrounding plants and vegetation, or landscape. The trunk is cut into sizes that are manageable for the task at hand, where space prevails, large sections can be cut, when in small or delicate positioning, small manageable piece would be cut.

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