Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller Review

The Chicco Cortina Together double stroller is the first full-size double stroller that Chicco has made, and it’s also the only stroller that accepts two Chicco car seats. This is a very adaptable stroller in terms of the ages of your two children. It easily and comfortably accommodates any combination of toddlers and infants, in many different configurations.

It has a roomy front seat that is 13.5″ wide, and from the seat to the top of the canopy is 27″ so that even the tallest toddlers can easily fit. The seat features a padded 5-point harness that is difficult for children to undo by themselves. The seat comes with a removable baby bar, or you can insert two cup holders, which means no baby bar for toddlers. This is great for them being able to easily get in and out, unless you strap them in… then they won’t be going anywhere. The front seat reclines quite a ways, but it doesn’t lay all the way down of course because there is a rider right behind it.


Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller Review

The back seat is 13.5″ wide as well, but from seat to the top of the canopy is 28″, so it makes sense for your larger child to sit in the back. The back seat also has the same 5-point padded harness that is a challenge for a child to undo. The seat has 3 reclining positions which you can easily control with one hand by using a control on the side of the stroller. The back seat fully reclines for the sleepy rider. It also has a features to create a bassinet enclosure for a newborn.

If you want to use the Chicco double stroller with car seats, it is easily done. The front seat folds down to reveal a spot for one car seat which snaps right into place for a very secure fit. It works the same way for the back seat if you have twins or two small babies in car seats. This arrangement can be configured in different ways, for example by putting your infant in their car seat in back, and your toddler in the front.

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